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My Art Studio loft


Just to show you what can be done with lofts, with very little money, and a lot of imagination, here are photos of my old art studio loft in Tampa.  I found a great old cigar warehouse building that allowed artists to rent spaces.  I created one of the largest spaces in the building and defined it by size and walls.

We created a lot of stir by starting out in the simplest of ways ... I painted the overhead water pipes.  Now, mind you, I didn't just paint them one color like expected.  What I did was paint each and every pipe a striking, bold color.  Every person in that building stopped by and did a lot of oohs and aahs.  I hadn't even started.

We painted the walls in four different colors to differentiate the areas and separate them.  Then, added a mural to the floor.  Top that off with some contemporary furniture and great art ... mine - and it was wonderful.  You felt welcomed and knew you were walking into something different the minute you approached the red french doors.  The magic began ...









My personal art projects for The Mistretta Line:













If you would like to view my paintings and other commissions, please visit this website:





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