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Interested in buying a loft? 






If you reached this link, then you are considering purchasing a loft.  Now is the time to buy!  The inventory is getting low and the market is changing ... fast 


Don't wait too long.  The the interest raterates are still low and with the market turning around, you will want to make sure you take the opportunity to buy now.


As a loft specialist, I will be happy to assist you.  You will gain the benefits of my love and knowledge of lofts. 

Give me a call or complete the form.






Interested in selling your loft?  





Need more leg room, or just moving for other reasons?

Get the best exposure for your property by listing with an agent who not only knows lofts, but loves lofts!  Have someone sell your property that is enthusastic and passionate about what you have and can relay that enthusiasm and excitement to buyers.  As a former New Yorker, and an artist, I have a great eye, love and understanding of lofts.  Not many realtors can say the same thing.

Sellers - If you browse around this website and review the listings, you will see how, in many instances, the listing agent put up terrible photos.  How can one truly see the benefits of your loft with bad photos?  On top of that, I cannot begin to tell you how many lofts I have previewed and not one agent contacted me by telephone or email to get my feedback.  Make sure you don't get yourself into this situation.  What good is listing your property if the photos are bad, the information is incomplete, or the agent does not do followup?  Something to think about.

This website is the most comprehensive website on Atlanta Loft Living and your property will get a lot of exposure.  Stop trying to sell it yourself.  Stop considering listing it with someone who doesn't understand loft living and the essence of lofts.

Give me a call or complete the form so we can discuss your loft.






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