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There is something about a loft that is special and unique.  To many it is a way of having a non-traditional home.  It speaks volumes about its owners.  All  loft owners march to their own tune.  They seek something different - high ceilings, exposed brick, running duct work and pipes, large industrial windows and hardwood floors.

However, every loft is different.  Some are raw, open spaces waiting for your special touch, while others are more like a condo with a slight loft feel.  In between that, are various lofts of different sizes, shapes and finishes.

If you LOVE lofts, than this is the place for you.  Lofts of every kind, shape, size and price range.  This site is dedicated to all lofts in the Metro Atlanta area.

Hi, allow me to introduce myself.  I am Pat Mistretta, a REALTOR with PalmerHouse Properties & Associates here in Atlanta.  I am also an artist, as well as a former New Yorker.  So, it is only natural that a New York artist loves lofts.  Add to the fact that I am a realtor and you have a great combination.  How many realtors do you know are also artists who once lived in NY?  It's a unique combination and allows me to talk about lofts.  In fact, I was a contributor to the National Association of Realtors newsletter on loft living.  Out of the million plus members, I was chosen to speak about lofts.

I know what lofts are supposed to be, I know what they can be, and I know what they are.  Whether you want the true wide open spaces with no walls and separations, or the soft lofts with that slight industrial feel, then this is the place for you.  And, Atlanta is one of the southern most cities that has lofts.  Lots of lofts!

If you are visiting this site and are interested in selling your loft, regardless of the style, give me a call.

If you are interested in purchasing a loft, check this site out.  You will find everything you want to know about lofts.  Then, give me a call and let this New York artist and loft lover, help you find your perfect loft.

Obviously, you are here because you are interested in Lofts in Atlanta and with almost 5,000 visitors a month, you will quickly see why this is the most comprehensive website on Atlanta Loft Living.  I am glad you stopped by!




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